When Choosing A Bank Or Credit Union, You Should Ask Yourself And The Financial Institution The Following Questions:


Are physical branches important to you?

If so, does the bank or credit union have physical branches in the places you need them? Most banks and credit unions maintain a digital presence on the internet and their products and services are generally accessible to any current customer with internet access. However, sometimes – especially when you need to resolve a problem with your account or when a caretaker or family member also has access to your account – being able to talk face-to-face to a person makes a difference.


Do you qualify to become a customer of your desired bank or credit union?

All of the banks and credit unions participating in VBBP and listed below are committed to providing accounts to all qualified veterans. If a veteran is not qualified, they have also agreed to help the veteran become qualified. All banks may accept all veterans, but some credit unions with limited “fields of membership” may not be able to accept veterans who do not fall within those fields.


What additional financial products to you need or want?

A relationship with a bank or credit union can be limited or extensive, depending on your needs and whether you qualify for certain products. Before choosing a financial institution, make sure it has the products and services you need or want.


Will the bank or credit union provide free checking accounts to veterans who direct deposit their VA benefits into those accounts?

Again, VBBP participant banks and credit unions will provide free checking to direct deposit customers.

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Find A Participating Bank

VBBP participating banks include large and small national and state-chartered banks, all of which can accept Veterans as customers regardless of where they live. Most VBBP banks operate on military installations and all are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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Find A Participating Credit Union

VBBP participating credit unions include large and small national or state-chartered credit unions. Please note: credit unions have “field of membership” criteria Veterans must meet before becoming members. Credit unions are member-owned and require share accounts by members. All participating credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

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